Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher repair can be a pain, due to murphy’s law, your dishwasher will break down at the most inconvenient time. When the families in a rush to go out. The kids are arguing about who is going to wash and dry the dishes.

So, what do you do, leave the dishes, rush out and buy a new dishwasher? Do a few quick checks to see if you can fix it. And finally if still not working schedule a repair company to come and have a look? This is not a trick question or in any specific order, but in general is what flashes through most minds.

Initial Dishwasher Repair Checks

The first thing to do is check the dishwasher has power. Try another socket if required, also check the fuses or circuit breakers are OK.

Try opening the door and close it again firmly. Is anything stopping the door from closing, dishes, pots or pans or even food debris around the door seal?

Is the delayed start switched on?

Check the water supply is fully switched on?

Check there is no debris under the float assembly at the bottom of the dishwasher. Make sure the assembly can move freely up and down and is not sticking.

Make sure there are no kinks or blockages in the drain hose.

If your dishwasher has an air gap, usually placed on the countertop inline with the faucet, make sure it’s clean.

Is your dishwasher level on the floor, both front to back and from side to side.

Does your machine have too much rinse agent? Try setting to a lower number or try running dishwasher without detergent to help clear out.

The above are basic checks. If your dishwasher is still not working, schedule an appointment for a certified technician to call.

Dishwasher Repair


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